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Emanuel and the Fear

by Emanuel and the Fear

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    5 song CD ep from 2009 on Paper Garden Records.
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The rain becomes the clouds, and the clouds become the sky, drifting overhead to brighter days that bring the people outside of their homes into the bright sunlight. And golden blades of light slice down through us to the cells, pushing life into our bodies and bringing motion towards a difference in the seas below of all the people moving. And then the rain comes in and everyone digs themselves in behind all those, closed windows in their locked up houses Filled with people who need different, who need colorful existence, not this dark and lonely winter when it's cold outside. And we hold ourselves together with a running mind that tries to push the time to fly to warmer days as if today's not worth it. You tell me you need freedom, that you need somebody who needs you, but you don't want to have to play that game again. And you know what you need because you've seen it on the screen, and you put it together piece by piece, like a puzzle in your dreams. Oh but i don't watch tv, because it makes me feel ugly just like all the little girls, all over the world. Singing I want to be loved, I want to be yours to call my little lover you're gona make me feel again, be needed and as winter ends and spring begins with summer winds off in the distance pushing in they move us and the rain becomes the clouds, and the clouds become the sky and the sky it holds the sun out like a savior as touches everyone, till they've forgot where they just came from and find themselves a friend, to get off living for the end. And with a smile, they keep on moving.
Sail down the highway, like it's the only home you've known. And take on the sunlight, gotta keep up don't let it go. And if I lose my way, there'll be no need for worrying. Cause I've got nowhere to be, no nowhere but where I'm going. Breathe deep with your eyes closed, feel it in your veins. Let it touch you from the inside, it'll feel more real and take your mind away, from the addiction to your paycheck and from the shackles of your job, as you close your eyes and wonder, if you'll ever make enough to feel alive. Two of us standing on a mountain, 5000 feet from the shore, And your only possessions are your two eyes and the voice of the lord. And she tells you to ask yourself, is this the life that you had planned to live. Or are you frozen like a statuette, like a stone that sits in the same place forever. And when the rain comes in, and tries to push you on your feet again, will you recognize your own freedom, or remain there in your comfortable prison.
Jimme's Song 07:58
Jimme takes his time as he washes his eyes and then makes his bed up and then heads for the outside. And it doesn't make a difference every once and a while if you've got nothing to do but sit around and think about how nothing he could do could ever feel good, but he knows you gotta get a job if you're looking to move on like everybody else but it's the same thing always the same dream keeping him from moving, saying I don't want to do nothin but be in a rock band I don't want to get a job, I don't wanto be a man I don't want to do nothin but be in a rock band I don't want to do nothing at all I don't want to do nothing at all But then the bills pour in and he fakes it like to swim, but he still don't go anywhere. Until he gets too weak, they got him swimming in his sleep And then he needs grab something to get some air. And so he pulls a job down at the landfill, and he don't mind the working outside looking out on the turnpike. But the days fly by and the fire in his side tells him he'll never be right until the day that he dies, saying I don't want to do nothin but be in a rock band I don't want to get a job, I don't wanto be a man I don't want to do nothin but be in a rock band I don't want to do nothing at all I don't want to do nothing at all All his words fall down through the cracks in between, and spread like sunlight down on the world underneath. But up here they fall to nowhere they're just a feeling he needs, as he drives through the weeds, and through the swamps and through the trees, as he's talking like he's holding a gun in his hand, but there aint nobody there, it's just him waving his hands. And then he drives on to his guy at the van to get his cup of coffee with three sugars for two dollars. And back to work another day another hour, he gets older by the minute but there's nobody around him who can understand, looking at a young man feeling like No one ever notices, they live the same day over and over No, I don't want to do nothin but be in a rock band I don't want to get a job, I don't wanto be a man I don't want to do nothin but be in a rock band I don't want to do nothing at all I don't want to do nothing at all
Use your minds to sift through what is real and what's being used to blind you bind your thoughts up with the fear of time, and all that's in between, from the screens to the scenes to the actors in the GOP. Working and driving, talking and smiling, if you're not happy we've got drugs to subside it, get you back in the game, get you looking the same as the best of the rest of them, so you can proclaim that we're all alive tonight. yea we're all alright tonight. Time will pass, and the end of what we know will arrive at last. In a splash of fire, bombs and crying, families torn apart. Just when the robots take control. Of everything you've ever known. And in the dark of the future, when the sun lies down for good. We will find that life can suspend itself in the circuitry of a tube. As the human dies below us, we will take another form. And all the nonsense that we once counted on, turns to dust with intelligence reborn. And we'll be singing louder now that we're all alive tonight yeah we're all alright tonight!
Two 04:27


released February 17, 2009

Recorded, Edited, Arranged, Designed and Produced by Jamin Gilbert and Emanuel Ayvas for Ishlab Music at Ishlab Studios, Brooklyn, NY.

Executive Produced by Jamin Gilbert for Ishlab Music.

Recording Assistants Roman Battaglia and Misha Volf

Mixed by Ben Liscio and Jamin Gilbert

Mastered by Joe LaPorta at The Lodge

Album Artwork by Les Barbire

Special Thanks to: All of our friends and Family, Jerel Fonzetti, Les Barbire, Matt Casella, Crystal Blaylock, and Paco Secada.


all rights reserved



Emanuel and the Fear Brooklyn, New York

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